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Others who are making a difference

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Working together to deliver change

Produce & Provide is an independent organisation working to raise awareness of the true value of great tasting food sold direct from farms.


Whilst we champion independence and actively promote the unique qualities of food from different farms all over Britain, we also seek to nurture collaboration to establish clear values and standards that unify the producers we represent.


This is why we are happy to promote and collaborate with others, who are working towards similar goals and who are helping producers to win the recognition and reward they deserve.

We are a not-for-profit organisation based at Honeydale Farm, a diverse 107 acre mixed farm in the Cotswolds. Central to FarmED are three beautiful eco-buildings including a multifunctional educational, meeting and conference space, and a farm to fork kitchen and demonstration area. Our micro dairy and farming operations utilise building three.


Our audience is everyone - our local community, farmers, growers, advisers, foodies, policy makers, students and researchers. 

 Our mission is to provide learning spaces and events that inspire, educate and connect people to build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet.

If you are passionate about regenerative agriculture, farming with nature and great food then join us on the journey. It's time to make a difference. ​

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 Heritage Grain Trust 

The Heritage Grain Trust (HGT) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to encourage the production and use of heritage grains.

The HGT has been formed with the aim of developing a new approach to growing grain for human consumption, one that encourages resilience in the face of climate change and reduces the loss of biodiversity that occurs with intensive grain production. We believe that a genuine grain revolution is required in arable farming based on the growing of genetically-diverse populations of heritage cereals using agro-ecological methods.


We believe that British farmers can produce all the grain needed to feed the UK by growing heritage grains in ways that improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and sequester climate-destroying greenhouse gasses.

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Native breeds are part of our national identity and heritage – and they represent a unique piece of the earth’s biodiversity.  We have inherited a rich variety of livestock breeds and their loss would impoverish agriculture and diminish the human spirit.  We must work together, for the sake of future generations, to safeguard these treasures.

We monitor the number of rare and native breeds. Every year we collect data from breed societies and use the number of animals registered in a year to estimate the total number of breeding females. From this we produce our annual Watchlist.

We promote the breeding and registration of rare and native breeds. Together our staff, members and support groups provide a network of knowledge to support and encourage breeders. 

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We are a group of farmers who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature.


We come from a range of backgrounds big and small, organic and conventional and are passionate about ensuring our countryside is productive and bursting with wildlife. We hope you will join us to help highlight that farming and nature can go hand in hand.


The network is open to farmers and the public alike and there is no cost to join. The NFFN will raise awareness of nature friendly farming, share insights and experience and work together for better policies for food and farming.


100% Grass-fed beef, lamb and dairy products.


Pasture containing grasses, wildflowers and herbs is the natural diet of cattle and sheep. Yet today, very few animals are fed from pasture alone. 


Many farmers now try to produce their meat and milk as quickly as possible, by feeding things like cereals and imported soya, with animals indoors much of the time. So animals are vanishing from our fields and the tasty, healthy, grass-fed food they produce is hard to find. 


Our farmers make the most of their pastures by keeping their animals out for as long as possible and feeding preserved pasture if they need to come inside. 

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We are a social enterprise working to promote the value of milk and dairy products from traditional, pasture-based dairy farms, for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers.

We believe that great tasting, healthy milk plays an important role in our diet and milk from cows that graze is healthier, tastier and more ethical and we want people to be able to make a more informed choice about the kind of farms their milk comes from.

Our farmers members produce Free Range Milk from cows grazed for a minimum of 180 days a year under the Pasture Promise logo.

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Our Purpose

The Real Food campaign exists in the UK to educate, advocate and campaign for real food for ALL, for the benefit of good health.

Our Mission

To work collaboratively across all parts of the health, food and farming sectors to:

  • Inform and empower citizens, communities and health providers to recognise that Food is Medicine, and to equip them to make Real Food choices for better health.

  • Campaign to restore conscious, regenerative farming and growing practices that sustain health for people and planet.

  • Promote the restoration and development of local infrastructures that encourage collaborative and thriving food communities. 

Real Food Campaign
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Raw Milk Producers Association Ltd is a co-operative society owned & run by its members: producers of raw drinking milk.

Promoting best practice in safe production of raw 

drinking milk, our members combined have over 600 years experience in producing & selling raw drinking milk.


Raw Milk Producers Association Limited (RMPA) is a co-operative society, meaning that it is owned and run by its Members.  Upon joining, Members buy a £1 share in the co-operative, as well as paying an annual subscription.

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