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About Us

What We Do & Why We Do It

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Why we are here

Our modern day food system is controlled by big food business that strips it of taste and provenance. Small, family farms are disappearing from the landscape along with the animals that once roamed their fields. Our health is suffering and our planet is suffering too.


We are here to champion British farmers who produce wonderful milk, meat, vegetables and eggs, from the kind of farms we want to support. It's time for a real food revolution that delivers the true value of our soils and pastures.

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Who are we?

Produce & Provide was set up by food and farming champion Neil Darwent. His first hand experience of running farms in the UK, for over 30 years, has led him to embark on a mission to restoring the true value of traditional family farms and the food they produce.

BBC Food & Farming Awards winner in 2014 and Nuffield Farming Scholar, is passionate about winning producers the recognition and reward they deserve and helping UK citizens to make better choices about the food they buy.


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Our goals

A sustainable UK farming industry to feed us


Healthy, affordable food for all

Direct links between farmers and consumers

A food system founded on local markets

Food produced in harmony with nature

A return to real food

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