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What We Do & Why We Do It

Why We Are Here

Our modern day food system is controlled by big food business that strips it of taste and provenance. Small, family farms are disappearing from the landscape along with the animals that once roamed their fields. Our health is suffering and our planet is suffering too.


We are here to champion British farmers who produce wonderful milk, meat, vegetables and eggs, from the kind of farms we want to support. It's time for a real food revolution that delivers the true value of our soils and pastures.

Our Vision

Real food for all

We will use this website and our social media platforms to connect farmers who produce great tasting food with food lovers and families who want to get back to eating real food.

We will promote the true value of real food sold direct from farms.

We will build a community of producers and facilitate collaboration to deliver the food they produce to communities across the UK.

We will restore the value in traditional family farms that feed our nation.


Neil Darwent, Founder



Hi. Welcome to Produce & Provide

For many of us today, the food we are offered is far removed from what I think of as real food; with diets comprised of ultra-processed, convenience meals packed with unrecognisable ingredients.


We still have thousands of farms in Britain producing great tasting, healthy food. The problem is it's not easy to find and get access to so much of it. I want Produce & Provide to change this and make real food available to all.

You will find a map on the website, where you can discover farmers selling food direct from farms in your area.


I also want to help more farmers make the step from producer to provider, so that they can give local people the chance to enjoy the food they produce and win the recognition and reward they deserve.

I hope Produce & Provide will become a hub for connecting people who love eating real food with those who can provide it. Together we can start a 21st century food & farming revolution!

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A vision for better food & farming


Closer links

between farmer & consumers


Cutting out the middleman to deliver direct


Making real food available and accessible to all