Produce & Provide

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Who we are

Produce & Provide was established by farming and food champion Neil Darwent, to empower traditonal, family farms to win the recognition and reward they deserve and help people make more informed choices about the food they buy.

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What we do

We support British farmers in providing the great tasting food they produce on their farms direct to local communities and beyond and forge closer links between producer and consumer.


We promote the individual products farmers offer and provide a platform to promote the wider benefits of buying direct from local producers, through this website and our social media. 


We seek to build a better a better undertanding of not just where, but how food is produced on farms and the impacts of the food choices we make.

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Latest News


Nether Haugh Farm

New Valentines meat boxes direct from Nether Haugh Farm, near Rotherham.

Available for local delivery or collection throughout February. Also available, other joints and cuts - from topsides to short ribs, lamb legs to beef foreribs and  steaks.  Message via Facebook to order.

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Connecting farmers and consumers

Produce & Provide is here to enrich lives through real food food, by supporting farmers who sell the food they produce direct to local customers who want to make a better choice.

Together we can build a food system that delivers for all.

Our Mission

"To empower people to make better food choices by connecting them directly with British farmers"

Our Vision

"A food system created by farmers and consumers to meet the needs of people and planet"

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Why buy direct from local producers?

Connect with Farmers

Dairy Farmer

Connect with the farmers who rear and grow your food, to learn more about how it is produced.

Buy with the confidence of knowing where your food really comes from. Talk direct to producers

Understand how your food choices impact on the local countryside, the livelihood of producers, the rural economy and the wellbeing of farm animals.

Make Better Choices

Food Market Crowd

Choose food produced from traditional family farms and support local producers in your community.

Choose food from a variety of producers who put quality before quantity and who can often deliver to your door.

Choose food that will enrich your life from farms working in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.

Taste the Difference

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Enjoy the taste of fresh food that has gone through minimal processing and has travelled only a few miles to reach you.

Rediscover the amazing flavours of the seasons. Enjoy food that you can buy when it is at its very best.

Enjoy the taste of slow-grown meat and milk from traditional, native breed farm animals raised outdoors.