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The need for a better food system

Our modern day food system is failing us. Our health, the welfare of farm animals and the future of our planet are all suffering under a system that put the profits of big food business first. So many of us are now denied the chance to enjoy real food of known provenance.

Connecting people through real food

Produce & Provide is here to enrich lives through real food food, by supporting farmers who sell the food they produce direct to local customers who want to make a better choice.

Together we can build a food system that delivers for all.

Featured Producers

We Are

Yeldersley Farms

A family run Dairy Farm, selling our Pasteurised Milk, Dairy, Cakes & Milkshakes, through a vending machine on the farm, along with local Eggs & Honey.

Location: Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Facebook: Yeldersley Farms

Telephone: 01335 347597

Why buy direct from local producers?

Connect with Farmers

Connect with the farmers who rear and grow your food, to learn more about how it is produced.

Buy with the confidence of knowing where your food really comes from. Talk direct to producers

Understand how your food choices impact on the local countryside, the livelihood of producers, the rural economy and the wellbeing of farm animals.

Make Better Choices

Choose food produced from traditional family farms and support local producers in your community.

Choose food from a variety of producers who put quality before quantity and who can often deliver to your door.

Choose food that will enrich your life from farms working in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.

Taste the Difference

Enjoy the taste of fresh food that has gone through minimal processing and has travelled only a few miles to reach you.

Rediscover the amazing flavours of the seasons. Enjoy food that you can buy when it is at its very best.

Enjoy the taste of slow-grown meat and milk from traditional, native breed farm animals raised outdoors.



Call: 07971 155199

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