Produce & Provide

Connecting people through real food

Produce & Provide is here to enrich lives through real food food, by supporting farmers who sell the food they produce direct to local customers who want to make a better choice

Why buy direct from producers?

Our modern day food system is failing us. Our health, the welfare of farm animals and the future of our planet are all suffering under a system that put the profits of big food business first. So many of us are now denied the chance to enjoy real food of known provenance.

Below are some of the key benefits of buying great tasting food direct from farms in your local community.

Proud to Produce & Provide local food


Connect with the farmers who rear and grow your food, to learn more about how it is produced.

Buy with the confidence of knowing where your food really comes from. Talk direct to producers

Understand how your food choices impact on the local countryside, the livelihood of producers, the rural economy and the wellbeing of farm animals.



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