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Connecting farmers and consumers

Produce & Provide is here to enrich lives through real food food, by supporting farmers who sell the food they produce direct to local customers who want to make a better choice.

Together we can build a food system that delivers for all.

The return of real food

How well do you know the farmers that produce your food?

For too long big food business and retailers have denied people the chance to enjoy real food of known provenance. We are here to change this by helping you to make a direct connection with local producers and cut out the middleman. 

On our website you will find hundreds of farmers selling a huge variety of great British food, direct from their farms to local communities and beyond. We want you to be able to make choices about where your food really comes from and how it is produced on farms and enjoy real food.

Discover more about the benefits of buying direct from producers below.

Latest News and Offers

A lot of the great tasting food sold direct from farms is seasonally produced, the way nature intended. So it may not be available 52 weeks of  the year and quantities may be limited.


Here you can find news about seasonal products producers are currently offering, along with any special offers they have available. Also learn about new producers planning new ventures, to sell food direct from their farms.

Windsor Food Machinery Ltd

Date added: 07.06.2021

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Website update

More new products added

Our shop window is growing!

As part of our plans to promote great tasting food you can buy direct from local producers, we are building our 'Search Products' page.

You can filter the kind of food you are looking for and pick specific farming practices used in its pordcution on farms. 

You can also see how the product is available to buy from the producer.

Take a look via the button below!

Windsor Food Machinery Ltd

Date added: 07.06.2021

Norfolk Beef Co Box.jpg

Norfolk Beef Company

Meat boxes offer.

Due to demand The Norfolk Beef Company has more of their 100% grass-fed beef available for local delivery this week.

Choose from 5kg or 10kg boxes, or put together your own bespoke box. they also have plenty of delicious burgers and steaks for the BBQ.

Click the button below to find out more via their website.

SNP Food Machinery

Date added: 07.06.2021

Treway Farm Beef.jpg

Treway Farm

'Family Favourites' meat box

Beautiful grass-fed beef from Shorthorn cattle in Cornwall.

For this week only the Family Favourites box from Treway Farm is available for just £45!

Box includes:

2x Packs of 12 meatballs

2x Packs of 4 burgers

1x Roasting joint

3x 500g packs of mince

2x Packs of 3 minute steaks

2x 500g packs of diced beef

Weschenfelder Direct

Date added: 07.06.2021

Katherines Jersey Milk.jpg

Katherine's Jerseys

Are you lactose intolerant?


Many people are lactose and dairy intolerant without the underpinning knowledge of why.

However Katherine has had several lactose/dairy intolerant customers try her milk and have no ill effects and they are genuinely delighted to be able to drink cows milk again.

Jersey cow milk is known for being predominantly A2A2 proteins, often allowing those who are lactose and dairy intolerant to enjoy milk without suffering any ill effects.

Please note this is not formally proven. But Katherine is investigating further.

Machinery World

Date added: 04.05.2021

Llaeth Llanfair timetable.jpg

Llaeth Llanfair

Llaeth Llanfair is Ceredigion's first mobile milk vending machine lcoated in a converted horse box.

You can buy beautiful fresh milk direct from the farm and make up your own milkshakes with a range of flavours. You can also buy reusable glass bottles that you can wash and use again and again. 

You will find it parked at different locations around Lampeter throughout the week. Check out the timetable on the left for full details.


Why buy direct from local producers?

Connect with Farmers

Dairy Farmer

Connect with the farmers who rear and grow your food, to learn more about how it is produced.

Buy with the confidence of knowing where your food really comes from. Talk direct to producers

Understand how your food choices impact on the local countryside, the livelihood of producers, the rural economy and the wellbeing of farm animals.

Make Better Choices

Food Market Crowd

Choose food produced from traditional family farms and support local producers in your community.

Choose food from a variety of producers who put quality before quantity and who can often deliver to your door.

Choose food that will enrich your life from farms working in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.

Taste the Difference

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Enjoy the taste of fresh food that has gone through minimal processing and has travelled only a few miles to reach you.

Rediscover the amazing flavours of the seasons. Enjoy food that you can buy when it is at its very best.

Enjoy the taste of slow-grown meat and milk from traditional, native breed farm animals raised outdoors.