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West Country Water Buffalo, Higher Oakley Farm, Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 8LS

Raw milk, ice cream and Mozarella cheese produced from a herd of Water Buffalo.

Buffalicious is a brand belonging to West Country Buffalo. The herd at Higher Oakley Farm are grazed on pasture in the summer months and housed indoors in winter.


Water Buffalo produce a rich, creamy milk which is lower in cholesterol than dairy milk and great tasting beef. All forage fed to the cattle is home produced and they a fed minimal nutritional supplements. 

You can buy Buffalicious products via a shop on the farm and at local farmer's markets. Check the website for more details.

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Alkmonkton Dairy

Old Hall Farm, Alkmonkton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 3DH

We are a small, family run business based in Alkmonton, just south of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. The ‘Alkmonton Ayrshire’ herd was established in August 2013 by Paul, Lenora and son Richard. In April 2019 Richard married Jo (a local dairy farmer’s daughter).

Together, we wanted to come up with a way of promoting our own products locally, cutting out the middle man and getting it straight to the people on our doorstep – so here we are!

We supply our products to the local area through cafes, shops, hotels and even a doorstep delivery service to certain areas. Like all farmers, the environment is important to us, and we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Cherry View Milk

Field House Farm, Etton Road, Cherry Burton, Beverley HU17 7RP 

We supply award winning, fresh, unhomogenised milk from our small herd of pedigree Holsteins who graze on lush pastures at Cherry Burton, near Beverley.

The milk is not homogenised or standardised, meaning it is distinctively creamy. Milk can be purchased from a specialist milk vending machine which is located in the heart of our farm yard. Milk can be purchased in glass bottles which can then be reused endlessly to reduce waste.

Cherry View Milk offers a great opportunity to support local producers and gives families the chance to show children where their food comes from.

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Cote Hill Cheese

Cote Hill Farm, Osgodby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3PD

Our ethos is simple. Contented grazing cows, produce amazing quality milk, which with a lot of skill and expertise create great tasting cheese. We liken making great cheese to making great wine. The soil & earth has such an impact on how the grass grows & tastes

The morning milk at Cote Hill Farm is taken direct from the cows into the cheese rooms to be hand crafted into our award winning Cote Hill Cheeses. By not pasteurising the milk it allows the full complex flavour of the milk to be a part of the finished cheeses.


You can order whole cheese, instant cheeseboards or a little bit of everything, take your pick. Order direct from our website for delivery.

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Godsell's Cheese

Church Farm, Leonard Stanley, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3NP

Artisan cheeses made on the farm, from a herd of free range cows producing milk to Pasture Promise standards.

Liz & Bryan (Godsell) make traditional Double Gloucester cheese and a number of other great tasting cheeses that have a real local feel. Liz is a third generation farmer and her daughter Lily now helps out on the farm too.


You can find Godsell's cheeses in a number of outlets in Gloucestershire, including Mid Counties Coop stores and Gloucester Services and you can order beautiful selections of cheese via the website. Lily, is now launching a milk vending machine on the farm, offering pastuerised, unhomogenised milk in reusable glass bottles.  

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The Dorset Dairy Co

Cribhouse Farm, Stallbridge, Sturminster NewtonDorset DT10 2RD

Dan is the third generation of the family to embrace the world of dairy farming at Crib House Farm. He began culturing milk on the AGA in the farm kitchen and straining it through cheese cloth to achieve a thick, creamy texture. The results were an instant success with family and friends and so the idea of Dorset Strained Yoghurt was born.


As sales grew, so did the amount of cream by-product and this was in turn fermented into Dorset Cultured Cream and churned into Dorset Cultured Butter.

Today The Dorset Dairy Co sells its natural strained yoghurt along with these other products and fresh milk which is sold through vending machines in local towns and villages

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Gorsehill Abbey Farm

Gorsehill Abbey Farm, Collin Lane, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7

Gorsehill Abbey Farm is an organic dairy farm situated between the foothills of the Cotswolds and the fertile ground of the vale of Evesham. 


The Shaylor family have a small herd of Jersey cross cows which are fed almost exclusively from grass and produce delicious creamy milk.  It is a family farm with the milking, pasteurising and bottling all done by the family on site.

Milk is sold at their on site honesty shop (The Milk Shed) which also stocks milkshakes, free range eggs and apple juice. Gorsehill Abbey Farm milk is also sold in a number of local outlets.

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Greyleys Jersey Milk

Grey Leys Farm, Elvington, York YO41 4AX

We are a family-run dairy farm, milking 220 pedigree Jersey cows.

David Shaw, a fourth-generation farmer, established the jersey herd in 1968.


All our cows are treated as individuals and given the freedom to express natural behaviours. After all, happy cows make the most delicious milk.

We pasteurise our beautiful Jersey milk on the farm and it can be purchased directly through our vending machines on the Rydal Garage forecourt in Elvington and at the Balloon Tree Farm Shop and Café in Gate Helmsley. 

You can also have the milk delivered direct to your door via our local partners The Early Bird Milkman or Corner Connect

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Overton Farm, Babcary, Somerton Somerset

TA11 7EJ

The farm is run by Dave and his partner Rosie, but it’s the Guernsey cows that makes the Hurdlebrook produce special.  All 200 of them have their own names and personalities; Dave’s favourite is a gentle little cow called Sunshine, whilst Rosie’s favourite is Rosey!

The Guernsey raw milk is golden in colour due to the breed’s inefficiency to digest the beta carotene in the grass and forage.  This gives the milk the beautiful flavour and colour, and also makes it silkier, thicker and more delicious than standard milk in a way that is hard to describe. 

The farm also produces a range of yoghurts using the same milk but it is pasteurised for this puropse

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Meon Valley Milk

Lodge Farm, Southwick, Hampshire PO17 6BA

Meon Valley Milk stems from a small family farm in Hampshire, producing high quality milk for over 35 years. Fourth generation; Stewart Humphrey of Lodge Farm in Southwick introduces ‘Meon Valley Milk’.  Providing fresh milk direct from the farm to the customer, through a self-service vending machine.

We pride ourselves in quality and care, reassuring our customers of a happy and healthy herd, with the knowledge of knowing exactly where their milk is coming from. 

Our aim is to share delicious milk with the local community, whilst reducing food miles and the use of plastic.  We hope the vending machine will encourage households to do their bit towards helping the environment and convert from buying plastic milk cartons to purchasing a re-usable glass bottle that can be refilled again and again.

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North Cotswold Dairy Co

Butlers Road Farm, Butlers Road, Long Compton, Shipston-On-Stour CV36 5LQ

North Cotswold Dairy sell fresh milk direct from herd of around 80 cows milked on a Warwickshire County Council Farm.  

Pete's cows originate from his grandfather's herd. They all have names and the long established bloodlines are very important in maintaining a healthy and productive herd today.

The milk is pasteurised just yards from the milking parlour and sold through a vending machine. You can purchase a reusable glass bottle and refill it again and again. Cream from the milk is also sold through an honesty fridge.

The milk can also be bought through a growing number of local outlets. Check the website for more details.


Susana & Daughters

Cowdray Estate, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussx GU29 0AQ

Our Kefir is made by adding live and active kefir cultures to non-homogenised milk produced on the Cowdray Estate and then letting the mixture ferment slowly and at the right temperature to develop its creamy goodness and flavour and that's it! - nothing else!

The culture is made from kefir grains, a living colony of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and healthy yeasts that were first found in the Caucasus Mountains thousands of years ago.

Kefir is also a true super food. Naturally packed with calcium, vitamins and billions of friendly bacteria, this delicious cultured milk drink has unparalleled probiotic properties.

The health benefits of kefir have been established over many centuries – in fact the word ‘kefir’ itself literally means ‘long life’ in old Turkish!

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The Free Range Dairy

Carvannel Farm, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 0HQ

A traditionally farmed dairy farm located on the North Cliffs, belonging to the National Trust and run by the Johns family. 

This small herd of cows produces free range milk from lush Cornish pastures, just up the coast from St Ives, to be sold as liquid milk, clotted cream and yoghurt. 


The milk is sold through local shops and used by coffee shops. You can also visit the farm to enjoy coffee, cake and gelato made on the farm and see the milk being bottled from a viewing gallery.  

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Tytherington Milk Station

Bullsbridge Farm, Tytherington, Frome, Somerset BA11 5EP

On the outskirts of Frome, Tytherington Milk Station is located on the farmgate at Bullsbridge Farm in the village of Tytherington. Bullsbridge Farm is a traditional family run dairy farm home to the Salmon family for over 80 years.

The Milk Station was established in 2017 and today comprises of a network of milk vending machines on the farm and other local outlets. Glass bottles are available to be purchased in an adjacent vending machine next to the milk vending machine.  

The farm is part of the Free Range Dairy Network's Pasture Promise scheme, which means the cows are grazed for a minimum of 180 days a year.



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