Whitehills Farm Beef

Whitehills Farm Beef

Address: Whitehills Farm, Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield, Cheshire 


Telephone: 07871 244149


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    We are a family run farm producing lamb, beef, pork, chicken and Christmas turkeys and geese. We also supply free range hen, duck and goose eggs and will deliver locally.


    In 2017 we fell upon an unloved farm on the edge of the Peak District. It was bleak and foggy the first time we tried to visit and it ended in an unsuccessful attempt to find the farm. With renewed hope we tried again the next day in glorious (if a little cold) weather. It was love at first sight! Although it needed work, attention and love, the possibilities, the beauty and the character of the farm captured our hearts completely. In 4 months Whitehills was ours.


    Every day we learn something new. Every day we bring in new ideas and practices. Every day we improve.


    Our aim was to live off the land and so with that in mind, we brought-in 2020 with a bottle of prosecco and made a New Year Resolution to eat only our own meats (which we are succeeding in doing!). For a while now our passion has been sharing our farm-fresh, free range meats and produce with the wider community.




    Our Beef

    Our beef comes from a herd of grass-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle born and reared on the farm.


    Small Beef Box (approx. 5kg)

    2x 1-1.5kg roasting joints

    1kg mince (2x 500g)

    2x packs of steaks

    1kg braising steak (2x 500g)

    Price £11 / kg


    Medium Beef Box (approx.10kg)

    3 x joints

    2kg mince

    2kg stewing steak

    1kg brisket or shin depending on availability

    4x packs of steaks (serloin/rump)

    Price £11 / kg


    Large Beef Box

    4x 1-1.5kg roasting joints

    3x sirloin steak packs

    approx. 1kg frying steak

    2x packs rump steak

    approx. 4kg mince

    approx. 3kg stewing steak

    approx. 1kg shin of beef

    approx. 1kg braising steak

    approx. 1kg brisket

    Price £11 / kg


    All our Beef is available in individual pieces too!

    Pack 2 beef burgers


    Minced Beef

    £8.90 / kg

    Stewing Steak

    £8.50 / kg

    Silverside Joint

    £14 / kg

    Topside Joint

    £15 / kg

    Sirloin Steaks

    £8.50 / £250g

    Rump Steaks

    £5.50 / £250g

    Shin of Beef

    £10 / kg

    Braising Steak

    £12 / kg


    Visit our website to check availability and email 
    rach@whitehillsfarm.co.uk for more information.



    We offer a FREE delivery service for orders over £20 within a 10mile radius of Macclesfield.

    Delivery on orders less than £20 within a 10mile radius of Macclesfield will be charged at £2.50.


    We will deliver anywhere in the country however, so please get in touch by emailing us at rach@whitehillsfarm.co.uk to receive a quote!