Warson Beef

Warson Beef

Address: Warson Farm, Coryton, Okehampton, Devon EX20 4PQ


Telephone: 01822 820699


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    Our closed herd enables us to focus on high welfare, high health, grass-fed cattle who stay with their mothers for longer and produce highly nutritious beef as a result.

    Our Pasture for Life certified, pedigree Angus herd is fed only on Devon pasture as part of our mission to naturally rear our animals.


    Using a regenerative grazing system, our cows sequester more carbon than they emit and their grass based diet results in nutritionally rich meat that helps restore our Omega 3-Omega 6 balance.


    We are also registered with the GoodBeef Index which means our beef is scored across a range of Production, Eating and Environment quality factors. The GoodBeef Index then grades each animal and provides suggested price points.


    Consumers access the GoodBeef Index by scanning the code on their beef packaging or by entering the unique animal passport number. They can view the scoring, grading and price points; and verify details.The GoodBeef Index provides scientific information to help farmers and consumers clarify why good beef is good for you.


    Warson's beautiful pedigree Angus herd is raised the way nature intended; grazing on grass. But why does this matter for us? Grass-fed beef is scientifically proven to help restore the Omega 3:Omega 6 balance in our diet down to 1:4 rather than the UK's current average of 1:15, which in turn regulates the fluids balance of every cell in our bodies.


    Our Pasture for Life certification guarantees only the healthiest beef reaches your plate.


    More than ever before, we're beginning to realise the importance of being able to trace our food from farm to fork; enabling us to make healthier decisions both for our diet and for the environment.


    Every piece of Warson Beef comes with a label you can scan to find out exactly how the animal was reared. 


    You can choose from a variety of beef boxes like The Warson Beef Box which typically contains the following:

    1 x 1.5kg Topside/Silverside Roasting Joint

    1 x 1kg Brisket/Thick Flank Slow Roast Joint

    2 x 6oz Fillet Steak

    2 x 8oz Sirloin Steak

    1 x 10oz Rump/Ribeye Steak

    5/6 x 8-10oz Bavette/Denver/Flat Iron/Chuck Eye/Pave Steaks

    3 x 500g Minced Beef


    Or you can put together an order made up of individual joints, steaks and mince.



    You can order beef and steak boxes direct from our website. We also produce home made beef pies that you can order too.


    Please check the website for availability.



    In keeping with our farm's sustainable ethos, we are big fans of the work WoolCool do in producing just the right eco-friendly packaging to deliver our beef to you in tiptop condition.


    All orders placed before 5pm are collected the very next day and delivered right to your doorstep within 24 hours of collection. Orders placed between Thursday - Saturday, will not be collected until the following Monday to ensure none of our beef is kept over the weekend without reaching you.