The Free Range DairyYoghurt

The Free Range DairyYoghurt

Address: The Free Range Dairy, Carvannel Farm, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 OHQ


Telephone: 07565 539789


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    A pebble's throw from Portreath, The Free Range Dairy is part of our family farm.

    Our cows have the freedom to behave as nature intended and graze the lush pastures for at least 180 days and nights a year.

    We have been farming here on the North Cornish Heritage Coastline for three generations and pride ourselves on honesty and fairness for both our animals health and wellbeing and the products we create from our amazing free range herd of cows.

    We believe that everyone should have access to quality food, and that's why we setup our very own milk processing facility on the farm to promote and deliver high quality fresh dairy goodness to surrounding businesses and consumers.




    We produce a natural Bio Live yoghurt made on the farm with milk from our own free range cows.


    There are no added ingredients and no added sugar. The yoghurt contains pastuerised cows' milk, with naturally occurring sugars (Lactose) and live cultures.


    You can buy our yoghurt in 450ml pots, direct from the farm.