Thatched House Farm Charcuterie

Thatched House Farm Charcuterie

Address: Thatched House Farm, Norton Subcourse, Norwich NR14 6SA


Telephone: 07765 881891


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    We are a small working farm aiming to provide a happy and healthy environment for our livestock. Our small scale allows us to pay close attention to the welfare of each individual animal.

    Our pigs are kept in small groups in paddocks or woodland with the freedom to roam and the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviour.  Our sheep are grazed on local marshland year round. This more natural lifestyle we believe makes for contented animals and a quality end product.


    We primarily supply our meat to the local community through collection and delivery and also a select number of local restaurants and catering businesses. Our woodland reared British Lop Pork Charcuterie can be purchased from our online shop.


    Pigs & Pollinators is a double-headed community conservation project aimed at protecting one of the world's rarest breeds of pig, the British Lop, whilst creating a habitat for our precious pollinators.

    We have recently started a Pigs & Pollinators project on the farm. The project started in early 2021 and over time aims to transform a neglected piece of land into a wildflower meadow. Bee hotels are being installed and once flowers are established local bee keepers are lined up to introduce hives. 


    All of our pigs are either woodland-reared or pasture-reared with plenty of space to roam around and root in the soil.

    In collaboration with Sunday Charcuterie we now offer British Lop Charcuterie products.


    From exquisite salamis and chorizo to the lesser known but equally delicious cuts such as Guanciale and Culatello, we have a smorgasbord of cured meats.

    We enjoy treating ourselves to some on 'Picky Bits Night' at Thatched House Farm. If you can't be bothered to cook but don't want to compromise on flavour then indulge in an antipasti board with some cheese, good bread and olives washed down with a nice Rioja. Can't beat it!



    Contact us via our website to order, message us via our Facebook page or call us on 07765 881891.



    All cuts are beautifully packaged with a long shelf life at ambient temperatures and can be collected or posted nationwide. Charcuterie makes an ideal gift for the foodie in your life!