Susana & Daughters Kefir

Susana & Daughters Kefir

Address: Cowdray Estate, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0AQ 




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    A career as a financial analyst with a multinational corporation led me from my native Barcelona to Holland then London before settling in Chichester with my English husband, Ed. Some years later I was ready for change; change that would give me a better work/life balance and the opportunity to create something for and with my two young daughters.


    Complete transparency, that was the goal. My kefir had to be made with milk from a single, free-range herd and sustainably produced, by hand. It would be delivered in glass bottles to farm shops and health stores that shared my beliefs. And most importantly, it had to pass the critical family taste test!

    After plenty of trial runs, my family was still surprisingly enthusiastic when I hit upon the batch my daughters were very happy to drink. The secret? Not too fizzy, not too sour, not too thick, but bursting with goodness and just the right amount of creaminess. My recipe was ready!


    We make our kefir from Cowdray Estate milk only, so every batch can be traced back to milk from a single herd. The Estate’s milking cows enjoy a diet of rich grassland pasture and are very well cared for in line with the management’s commitment to holistic and sustainable farming practices that prioritise animal welfare and soil health.


    The milk is pasteurised on arrival at Susana’s converted stable kitchen then fermented, tested, bottled and refrigerated on site before being distributed to the Cowdray Farm Shop and other outlets.


    Kefir is a delighfully nourishing and refreshing fermented milk drink that has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. We make our kefir with non-homogenised milk to keep it authentic, pure and natural. 


    Our kefir is made by adding live and active kefir cultures to non-homogenised milk produced on the Cowdray Estate and then letting that  mixture ferment slowly at the right temperature to develop its creamy goodness and flavour. And that's it - nothing else!


    Cowdray Estate is committed to sustainable farming practices. Our kefir is gluten free and has no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – just billions of live cultures. We use glass bottles (which you can reuse or recycle) and uncoated paper for our labels so we have no plastic footprint.





    Sold through Cowdray Park Farm Shop and other local outlets.


    Contact us to find your nearest stockist.