Springfield Farm Beef

Springfield Farm Beef

Address: Springfield Farm, Hill Road, Grandborough, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 8DL


Telephone: 07850 818850


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    Springfield Farm is run by farmer Mark Collins who produces great tasting beef, lamb and pork from animals born and reared on the farm.

    Beef comes from a herd of Piemontese cattle. The breed originated from the region of Piedmont in northwest Italy. 

    Pork, sausages and bacon are produced from native breed Gloucester Old Spot x Tamworth pigs.


    A new butchers shop and processing plant is now being built on the farm, which will enable the farm to supply many more cuts of meat, all from animals bred, reared and packed on site.


    Go to some of the best restaurants around the world especially Italy and you will see Piemontese beef on the menu. Why? Because of the exceptional, consistent quality you find with Piemontese Beef. The flavour and tenderness are beyond compare.

    Piemontese cattle are different than any other breed of cattle as they carry a unique gene (myostatin) that reduces fat while improving tenderness.

    Nutritional Benefits

    An attractive feature of Piemontese meat is the health benefits. It is the lowest of all breeds for cholesterol – and the highest for essential fatty acids – omega 3 and 6. The meat is also extremely tender, and because of the lower fat content there is a very high meat yield – up to 14% more than other breeds.

    Certified Piemontese beef is lean and tender, giving consumers a flavourful beef option with an impressive nutritional profile. Our beef has less calories, less fat and more protein than standard beef, chicken or salmon.



    Visit our Facebook page to see what we have available and send us a message, or call us on 07850 818850, to order. No minimum order required.


    Collection & Delivery

    You can collect your order direct from the farm at Grandborough or we offer local, free delivery to customers living on the Warwickshire / Northamptonshire border.