Poppy's Poultry Free Range Eggs

Poppy's Poultry Free Range Eggs

Address: Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0AX



Telephone: 07837 567151



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    In 2015 the dream of a high standard, free range egg farm that put the welfare of its hens first became reality for us. Later that year our eldest daughter was born; having fallen in love with our daughter and our hens in the same year, our business finally had a name as Poppy’s Poultry.


    We strive for great welfare, great eggs. The welfare of our hens is our priority, they are able to roam free from dawn till dusk within the beautiful countryside of the South Downs National Park, coming home to roost at night for their own safety.


    Poppy's Poultry is home to over 1000 free range hens who are a mixed flock of Bovin Brown and Lowman Lites with a few speciality breeds that lay a blue and white egg. Our hens have a custom made insulated hen house with an automatic feed and water system, large internal scratch areas, nest boxes and most importantly access to the outdoors.


    We also produce a small number quail eggs to compliment our chicken eggs, these are housed on the same site but in a different free range enclosure.


    We believe the key to our delicious, fresh eggs with golden yolks is our hens natural outdoor lifestyle, behaviour and diet, which is supplemented with a GM free feed. Our ability to produce and pack on the farm ready to sell straight to you means that not only is the freshness of our eggs guaranteed, but we also greatly reduce our food miles.


    We value the protection of our natural resources, so all our packaging is made from paper sourced from FSC certified forests and recycled paper, meaning it can be composted or recycled again.


    Local Delivery

    We deliver fresh eggs direct local businesses and households. Contact us to order and arrange delivery.


    Local Outlets

    You can find our eggs in a numbe rof local outlets. These include the following:


    Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe, Cowdray Park, Midhurst GU29 0AJ


    Buddington Farm, Midhurst GU29 0QP


    Fittleworth Stores, Fittleworth RH20 1JB


    Lodsworth Larder, Lodsworth GU28 9BZ


    Rother Valley Farm, Rogate, Petersfield GU31 5HU