Old Hall Farm Raw Milk

Old Hall Farm Raw Milk

Address: Old Hall Farm, Norwich Road, Woodton, Bungay, Norfolk NR35 2LP


Telephone: 01508 333110 


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    The Mayhew family have farmed in Woodton since the mid 1940's, and started out with a small suckler cow herd, chickens for egg production, and pig rearing, as well as farming over 500 acres of arable land.


    Whilst on a family holiday in 2016, Stuart and Rebecca Mayhew spent time on a friend's dairy unit in Scotland and fell in love with the idea of having their own herd of Jersey cattle. Their first cow, Freya arrived in November 2016 and they haven't looked back since.


    What makes us different?

    We run a 'microdairy' with just 25 cows. So we are not tied into a bulk milk contract with one of the big dairy processors and as such we don't have to sell our beautiful milk at a knock down price to the lowest bidder.


    From our point of view this is brilliant because we get to set our own standards of animal welfare, cleanliness and quality. It also means that we are able to sell our milk direct and get to meet our customers (who then become friends!) on a first hand basis.


    We are a Cow With Calf Dairy and Farm shop specialising in raw Jersey milk, milkshakes, cream, butter and much more from our own grass fed Jersey cows who are allowed to keep their calves with them rather than weaning at birth - usually for 6-8 months but this can be longer depending on the cow and calf pair.


    The benefits of keeping cows and calves together are vast, but essentially, it's best for the calf and its mother, and it allows for a more symbiotic relationship between cow and human.


    Don't just believe us though, come and see for yourself how well it works for everybody.




    We sell creamy, raw milk from our beautiful Jersey cows.


    Raw milk is milk that comes straight from the cow.  It has not been heat treated or pasteurised in any way. There are many health benefits of drinking raw milk which include the following facts:


    • It is more nutritionally dense than heat treated milk;
    • It retains the enzymes that pasteurised milk does not (many of these are heat sensitive and are denatured in the pasteurisation process)
    • It has not been homogenised, therefore the fat particles can be processed by our bodies in the way nature intended – otherwise they are too readily absorbed and can lead to heart problems
    • Raw milk contains probiotics and rich beneficial bacteria
    • It is easier to digest than pasteurised milk as it contains Lactase which helps our bodies digest lactose milk sugar


    We milk our cows once a day and the milk is chilled and bottled straight away.


    Farm Shop

    Our farm shop is open every day from 8am until 6pm, and we have a vending machine which is open from 6am until 6pm.


    Buy online for delivery

    Our online shop is now up and running - visit our website www.oldhallfarmshop.co.uk 

    This online shop also allows you the option to "click and collect" from the shop itself.


    We offer next day delivery before 12 noon and will be accepting orders for postal deliveries, sending out on Monday - Friday to arrive Tuesday through to Saturday. This covers our Raw Milk and Milkshakes, Raw Butter, Raw Cream, Jersey Yoghurt, and any of our other products from Meat to Ghee - whatever we can get in the boxes! 

    Prices for postal sales for milk only are as follows:

    1-12L - £3.75/L

    12-24L - £3.50/L

    24L and over £3.25/L