Norfolk Beef Company

Norfolk Beef Company

Address: Eves Hill Farm, Norwich Road, Booton, Norfolk NR10 4TD


Telephone: 07870 490159


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    The Norfolk Beef Company is proud to deliver exceptional native breed Hereford beef from its home at Eves Hill Farm in North Norfolk.


    Eves Hill Farm is a family run mixed arable and grassland farm of nearly 400 acres, which the Buxton family have been farming since 1960, with Jeremy being the third generation to be running the farm. With his wife kathryn, The Norfolk Beef Company delivers fresh and frozen beef to customers who enjoy good quality pasture fed beef. Their native breed pedigree Hereford cattle were introduced to the farm in 2013. Since then the herd has grown from strength to strength.

    ​We have strong beliefs in the welfare of our livestock, farming in harmony with the environment and producing a high quality product.  Jeremy and Kathryn farm with nature in mind, their cattle graze the wildlife rich meadows of Norfolk to produce the finest succulent Hereford beef, full of flavour, all in a way that encourages wildflowers, insects, wild animals and birds to thrive on the farm.


    Here at the Norfolk Beef Company we hang all of our beef for 28 days before being butchered ready for delivery to your door. Our boxes include a variety of prime cuts which are vacuum packed ready for the oven or freezer.


    At the moment we are processing one animal a month, this means we have fresh beef available every month, normally the first week of the month. We usually have frozen beef in stock too!


    10 Kilogram Box - £110

    • 3 Roasting Joints

    • Sirloin/Rump/Fillet Steaks

    • Diced Steak & Shin

    • Mince and/or Burgers

    • Liver/Kidney upon request


    Bespoke Boxes - Pick & Mix (Contact us to place your order)

    • Topside/Silverside/Brisket Joints

    • Sirloin/Rump/Fillet/Ribeye Steaks

    • Diced Steak/Shin

    • Mince/Burgers

    • Liver/Kidney


    Quick n' Easy Meals Box - £40

    • 5lbs Diced steak

    • 5lbs Mince



    Free Delivery

    Within 10 miles of Eves Hill Farm NR10 4TD



    Email us at to place your order.