Nempnett Pasture Raised Chicken

Nempnett Pasture Raised Chicken

Address: Nempnett Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell, Blagdon, Bristol BS40 7UZ




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    We want to produce honest, healthy, nutrient dense food using regenerative farming practices for our family and yours. Reconnecting you with the people who produce the food you eat. 


    Nempnett Pastures; a small family farm located in the picturesque hamlet of Nempnett Thrubwell, famous for its unusual name (The Wurzels even sang a song about it). Only 12 miles from the centre of Bristol, it really isn't as far away as it sounds! 

    George Ford is the 6th generation on the Farm, with the Ford family arriving in Nempnett Thrubwell in the late 1800's. Today with the help and support of his family has set up 'Nempnett Pastures', on a mission to produce high quality, nutrient dense food from high welfare systems which build soil and enhance our environment rather than deplete it. 


    We are very passionate about soil health and regenerative agriculture; we are on a mission to build soil! We have just completed a 'Holistic Management' course, teaching us how to look at everything as a whole, and how to read and learn from nature. 


    Learning that the way our great-grandfathers used to farm is more regenerative than what has become the norm today. 


    We run a 'Pasture Raised' model, which means our hens live in small groups in portable shelters (we call them chicken tractors!). They get moved daily to fresh ground, enriching the birds with unlimited natural sunlight, lots of fresh air, fresh pasture, bugs and insects to forage on every single day. 


    It's this slow growth, pasture foraging and high health of the birds that gives them amazing flavour and texture to their meat and a golden, yellow colour to their skin. In fact the golden yellow skin comes from the beta carotene found in chlorophyll in grass.


    Slaughter and processing of our chicken involves an 18 mile journey to a local, family run poultry processing facility. As soon as we get the processed chicken back to the farm it is put straight into our commercial freezer. This locks in and preserves the quality of the fresh bird, when defrosted slowly,  you are left with a great quality pasture raised chicken.



    You can whole chickens and a selection of different cuts direct from our website.


    Farm Collection


    We would love for you to come and meet us at the farm and collect your meat. We will get your order ready in 1-3 working days and send you a 'order ready for collection' email please then let us know when you're coming so we can make sure someone is here to meet you.Please don't forget to bring a cold bag and ice packs if you would like to keep your meat frozen. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the farm.


    Local Delivery

    We are currently offering free local delivery (please see if you qualify when you enter your address at check out). There is a minimum order spend of £40. As we are a busy working farm we will only carry out deliveries once a week on Thursdays, for orders placed before 9am Wednesday of that week.


    Nationwide Delivery

    We are now able to ship nationwide in England and Wales. Simply fill your cart, enter your address at checkout and select the delivery option best suited for you and let us do the rest. As we are just starting out and a small operation we will only be shipping orders once a week on Thursdays. Please place your order before 9am on Wednesday to get your items delivered that week. To be as environmentally friendly as we can we ask for a minimum order spend of £40.