Eves Hill Farm Eggs

Eves Hill Farm Eggs

Address: Eves Hill Farm, Norwich Road, Booton, Norfolk NR10 4DT


Telephone: 07870 490159


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    Our lovely free ranging hens move around our pastures to pasture with their custom-built 'eggmobile', in rotation with our pedigree Hereford beef cattle. Both hens and cattle are integrated with our arable farming operation and are part of our regenrative revolution on the farm.


    The hens love exploring and feeding from the grassland to make the most delicious nutrient dense free range eggs whilst fertilising our soils for us.




    Our eggs taste so good because of the environment in which we keep our hens. Because they are free to roam on pasture eating a wide variety of grass, herbs and other plants, it brings out a beautiful taste in the eggs.


    Eggs are sold in trays, one dozen boxes and half dozen boxes.


    You can collect eggs for the farm, or we can sometimes deliver locally along with our 100% grass-fed beef.