Dorset Dairy Co Cultured Butter

Dorset Dairy Co Cultured Butter

Address: Crib House Farm, Stallbridge, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 2RT


Telephone: 07375 883299


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    Crib House Farm is nestled in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, a broad and picturesque valley that has been used to farm livestock and dairy for hundreds of years.


    Our gently rolling fields knit together to form a patchwork quilt that covers over 300 acres of beautiful Dorset countryside. Thick hedgerows bristle with wildlife and the underlying clay soil provides the perfect environment for pasture and forage crops. Traditional crop rotation along with a regenerative grazing system ensures that the soil remains rich and fertile.


    DAN & ALEX

    Dan is the third generation of the family to embrace the world of dairy farming at Crib House Farm.

    He started working full-time on the farm when he was 18 years old and met Alex a few years later. Working in the City, Alex didn't need much convincing to move to Dorset and she's been enjoying country life ever since.


    Diversifying into on farm processing serves two important purposes for us. Firstly, producing fresh, natural dairy products with a clear provenance and secondly, securing a future for the farm by guaranteeing a fair, stable price for free range milk. Our goal is to process all our milk on the farm.


    Whilst we are not organic, we are a family run farm and very responsible when it comes to the use of sprays and fertiliser. Since Dan took over the management of the farm from his father a few years ago, he has made a concerted effort to reduce the use of chemicals even further as he is a strong believer in sustainable farming practices alongside high-animal welfare.





    Once a week, we skim the cream off our fresh milk to make Fat Free Dorset Strained Yoghurt.


    We then gently pasteurise the cream and pour it into a churn where we mix in a blend of live lactobacillus bacteria. We allow these cultures to ferment the warm cream overnight before moving the churn to the cold store, where the cream is aged.


    During this process, the lactose breaks down the sugars and carbohydrates in the cream and produces certain lactic acids. These are the source of the distinctive rich, tangy and complex buttery flavour that distinguishes our butter from 'normal' butter.


    We only churn the cream once it reaches the right maturity. We do this is small batches, allowing each batch to rest before we knead out the buttermilk by hand and knead in Cornish sea salt. We then allow it (and ourselves) a chance to rest again.


    Once we've pressed it into shape, we hand roll it and wrap it in our distinctive gold foil, ready to make someone’s day.


    You can find our Cultured Butter and our other products in outlets across Dorset and the south of England and it is also available for restaurtants and other caterers through a few food service companies we work with.


    Check the map on our website to find your nearest stockists.