Deersbrook Farm Pork

Deersbrook Farm Pork

Address: Deersbrook Farm, Shalford Green, Braintree, Essex CM7 5AZ


Telephone: 01371 850671


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    Our new butchery and farm shop opened in December 2018. We have an amazingly skillful butcher in Tara Davies and we are a celebration of local produce. It's a dream come true, the real farm to fork experience. We are crazy proud to produce the finest native, grass fed beef!!


    We supply our butchery with beef and pork, then stock our friends amazing Herdwick lamb, free range chicken, turkey, goose, duck, wild venison, rabbit and game (in season) as well as local veg, spice mixes, sauces, wine and ales.


    We are a third generation family farm, with a fourth growing up fast. We produce high quality native beef and rare breed pork. Our animals are reared naturally and to the highest welfare standards. We are Farm Assured with the Red Tractor stamp of approval.


    All of our animals are fully traceable and most are born on our farm. We have a small herd of Gloustershire Old Spot pigs. Our native cattle are predominantly Sussex that grow slowly on the the mature grasslands across East Anglia.


    As a single suckler heard, the calves stay on their mother's milk until naturally weaned so that the cows and calves to achieve their natural potential. Our rearing techniques produce amazing flavorsome meat. 


    We have our very own herd of Gloucester Old Spot and Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs at Deersbrook Farm, all born and raised on the farm. The pork can also be found in our butchery as we supply all the pork in there, including sausages, bacon and hams.


    Side of Pork

    Literally a side of pork, all packed and ready for your freezer all for only £165.00.


    Choose the butchery spec to suit you:

    Shoulder: rolled on on the bone joints, extra sausages

    Loin: rolled or on the bone joints or chops, steaks

    Belly: Flat or rolled joints, slices 


    Trim into a choice of pork sausages, pork mince, sausage meat 

    Trotters, cheeks, offal

    approx 25kg


    Grow your own Pork

    If the idea of enjoying your own traditionally reared rare breed pork appeals to you but you don't have the space, time, knowledge or facilities to do it, Let us do it for you!

    You can choose your own piglet from the litter, either by coming to the farm or photo's via email. We will send you updates on your pig's progress, a weigh in and pictures.

    When the time is right you can choose the exact cuts you would like from your pig and we will have our butcher cut and pack it for you.

    In around 6 - 10* months you will have a freezer full of the most wonderful pork you've ever tasted, with the added bonus of knowing where they came from, how they have been treated and exactly what's gone into them. National delivery or collection from the farm can be arranged. If frozen directly after butchery the pork will have a shelf life of one year, plenty of time to enjoy your produce. Pork can be delivered to you fresh if required.

    You could even opt to share a pig with your friends or family - sharing the cost and yummy pork. Multiple deliveries can be arranged.

    The cost of buying your own pig starts from £320.00* - this includes everything. Including food, shelter, straw, vets bills, slaughter, butchery, packaging and delivery. We can delivery nationally if required*.

    We require a deposit of £50.00 to secure your chosen pig, the remainder is paid via a monthly direct debit/standing order payment to spread the cost.

    * Prices vary on the duration, national delivery and processing requirements. Please get in touch to discuss this with us as it varies depending on your needs. If you want your whole pig made into bacon or cured meat this will cost extra in terms of feeding (pigs are older when they go for ham) and processing.

    ******* LOCAL *********** FRESH *********** SUSTAINABLE *******

    Please contact Anna for more details (01371) 850671



    Choose from a selection of meat boxes on our website or contact us with your own shopping list. Our Butchery and farm shop is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am - 5.30pm at Deerbrook Farm CM7 5AZ.



    You can collect your meat direct from us at the farm, or ask for it be delivered. We offer national delivery when you order online or you can contact us to arrange it.