Deersbrook Farm Beef

Deersbrook Farm Beef

Address: Deersbrook Farm, Shalford Green, Braintree, Essex CM7 5AZ


Telephone: 01371 850671


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    Our new butchery and farm shop opened in December 2018. We have an amazingly skillful butcher in Tara Davies and we are a celebration of local produce. It's a dream come true, the real farm to fork experience. We are crazy proud to produce the finest native, grass fed beef!!


    We supply our butchery with beef and pork, then stock our friends amazing Herdwick lamb, free range chicken, turkey, goose, duck, wild venison, rabbit and game (in season) as well as local veg, spice mixes, sauces, wine and ales.


    We are a third generation family farm, with a fourth growing up fast. We produce high quality native beef and rare breed pork. Our animals are reared naturally and to the highest welfare standards. We are Farm Assured with the Red Tractor stamp of approval.


    All of our animals are fully traceable and most are born on our farm. We have a small herd of Gloustershire Old Spot pigs. Our native cattle are predominantly Sussex that grow slowly on the the mature grasslands across East Anglia.


    As a single suckler heard, the calves stay on their mother's milk until naturally weaned so that the cows and calves to achieve their natural potential. Our rearing techniques produce amazing flavorsome meat. 


    Our home produced 100% certified (Pasture for Life) grass-fed beef is predominately from our native Sussex cattle. They are reared on our mature grassland to provide truly great tasting, nutritious beef. We use traditional farming methods, with our cattle being grazing out on the meadows all year round, which equates to very happy cows. 


    You'll find our beef to be a deep plumy red with creamy coloured fat, showing that our cattle have lived on natural premium conditions. We allow the beef dry age, maturing naturally on the bone for 28 days, to develop the flavour and texture of the meat. Then our local traditional butcher prepares the vast range of cuts that we provide to you. 


    Choose from a selection of meat boxes or contact us with your shopping list. Below are details of the beef meat boxes we offer:


    Taster of Beef 
    One Prime Roasting Topside or Silverside Joint 1.2kg
    Two 8oz Rump Steaks 
    1 lb beef mince 
    4 Hand made 1/4 lb beef burgers
    2.56kg Taster Box £31.00


    Small Box 
    1 Prime Roasting Topside 1.5kg
    2 x 8oz (226g) Rump Steaks 
    2 x 8oz (226g) Feather Steaks 
    1 Shin of Beef on the bone 
    2 lb (2x454g) Braising Steaks 
    2 lb (2x454g) Beef Mince
    1 Rolled Brisket 1kg
    5.67kg Small Box £65.50


    Medium Box 
    Rolled Back Rib Joint (1.5kg)
    Prime Roasting Topside Joint (1.5kg)
    Prime Roasting Silverside Joint (1.5kg)
    2x 8oz (2 x 226g) Fillet Steaks 
    2x 8oz (2 x 226g) Rump Steaks 
    2x 8ox (2x226g) Feather Steaks 
    4lb (4 x 454g) Beef Mince 
    3 bl (3x 454g) Braising Steak 
    2 lb ( 3x 454g) Diced Casserole Steak 
    1 Rolled Brisket (1.5kg) 
     10.53kg Medium Box £152.50


    Large Family Box
    Double Fore Rib on the bone (3kg)
    1-2 Prime Roasting Topside Joint (3kg)
    1-2 Prime Roasting Silverside Joint (1.5kg)
    2 x 8oz (2 x 226g)  Fillet Steaks
    4  x 8oz (2 x 226g) Rump Steaks
    2 x 8oz (2 x226g)Sirloin Steaks
    5lb (5x 454g) Beef Mince
    3 lb (3 x 454g) Braising Steak
    4lb (4 x 454g) Diced Casserole Steak
    1-2 (1.5kg) Rolled Brisket
    16.25kg Large Box £200.00


    We also offer other beef boxes including our BBQ Sepcial, Family Favourites and Fabulous Four. Visit our website for more details.





    Choose from a selection of meat boxes on our website or contact us with your own shopping list. Our Butchery and farm shop is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am - 5.30pm at Deerbrook Farm CM7 5AZ.



    You can collect your meat direct from us at the farm, or ask for it be delivered. We offer national delivery when you order online or you can contact us to arrange it.