Cote Hill Cheese

Cote Hill Cheese

Address: Cote Hill Farm, Osgodby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3PD


Telephone: 01673 828481


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    Our ethos is simple. Contented grazing cows, produce amazing quality milk, which with a lot of skill and expertise create great tasting cheese. We liken making great cheese to making great wine. The soil & earth has such an impact on how the grass grows & tastes.




    The morning milk at Cote Hill Farm is taken direct from the cows into the cheese production facility to be hand crafted into Cote Hill Blue, Cote Hill Yellow and Cote Hill Red. By using the milk directly from the cow to vat and not pasteurising allows the cheeses to develop their unique flavour.


    Cote Hill Blue

    A blue cheese that has a wonderful balance between the rich creaminess of the milk and peppery bite from the P.Roquefortii mould. It matures from a slightly chalky centre to a creamy sometime runny texture. The natural rind contains an array of moulds that develop the flavour of the cheese. 


    Cote Hill Lindum

    A washed rind cheese with an elegant and complex depth of flavour. The cheese is washed regularly in local Beer Bomber County, which gives it a natural pink rind. It's named after the old roman name for the city of Lincoln


    Cote Hill Yellow

    Named after the nickname for a person from Lincolnshire. The Cote Hill Yellow belly is matured in its yellow wax which retains the moisture developing a luscious, buttery texture and subtle tang.


    Cote Hill Red

    Cote Hill Red is a semi hard cheese, it's matured for four months developing a subtle nutty sweetness with a slight finish of acidity.


    Cote Hill White

    A curd cheese ready to eat after just a couple of days, Cote Hill White is fresh zingy and showcases the amazing creamy milk our cows produce


    Click & Collect

    Order the cheese you want via our website and collect from The Cheese Shed on the farm. Open 7 days a week, it’s self service so good for social distancing & has all our milk, cheese and local provisions.


    Local Stockists

    Lancasters Butchers

    Red Hill Farm Shop in The Bail

    Minting Park Farm Shop

    A Little Bit of Lincolnshire


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    Nationwide delivery for just £5.95 + P&P. Order via our website.