Castlemead Poultry Geese

Castlemead Poultry Geese

Address: Heywood Farm, Terry Hill, Radstock, Somerset BA3 5UF


Telephone: 01373 834872


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    Castlemead has grown from a childhood passion. While the range of birds has increased the original passion remains unchanged.


    Established by farmer Stuart Perkins, who has won numerous awards for his diverse offering of high quality poultry reared and processed on the farm. He sells chickens, geese, turkeys and free range eggs direct from the farm.


    All of the birds are free range.


    Our geese make fantastic alternatives to Christmas turkeys and give off rich and succulent flavors, complementing any festive spread.


    The flock is raised to the highest welfare standards, enjoying a life of freedom on top of the Somerset hills. Their diet consists of all natural wheat and barley grown on our farm, as well as what they can forage from amongst the grass and hedge rows.


    The geese are processed onsite, game hung for approximately 10-14 days then hand prepared in time for Christmas so that all you have to do is enjoy!


    Why choose Castlemead over supermarket geese?

    At Castlemead we have full traceability over our birds; everything is completed here on the farm, from day one to when your bird is oven ready. We have our own facilities onsite meaning that not once do the geese get loaded onto lorries and shipped all over the country, then processed in a factory. Our birds are processed and reared by hand; it's the only way to ensure the best quality.


    Our geese are six months old when they reach maturity, providing a moist, fatty and soft texture for your Christmas goose. We dry pluck them for a great crispy skin and hand prepare them for your convenience.


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