Castlemead Poultry Chicken

Castlemead Poultry Chicken

Address: Heywood Farm, Terry Hill, Radstock, Somerset BA3 5UF


Telephone: 01373 834872


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    Castlemead has grown from a childhood passion. While the range of birds has increased the original passion remains unchanged.


    Established by farmer Stuart Perkins, who has won numerous awards for his diverse offering of high quality poultry reared and processed on the farm. He sells chickens, geese, turkeys and free range eggs direct from the farm.


    All of the birds are free range.


    There's nothing better than a plump, juicy roast Castlemead chicken for your Sunday roast.


    The chicken is looked after by our dedicated team, with fresh bedding and constant access to food and water providing the best welfare standards possible.

    From morning to nightfall the chickens are free to explore the fields surrounding their houses, incorporating natural goodness into their diets to compliment the locally grown and milled cereals they are fed. At night they retire to their houses for protection from the fox and a good night’s sleep.


    At Castlemead our chickens are allowed to grow in their own time making their meat succulent, firm and rich in flavor.


    Moved at night to reduce the birds stress levels, the chickens are processed onsite and hand finished for that farm to fork taste.


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