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Are you eating food-free food?

According to a nationwide survey recently commissioned by the food waste app Too Good to Go, 660,000 tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year. The report also goes on to say that food waste is responsible for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

How have we become so irresponsible about our food and so reckless about our own health and well-being?

A recent statistic that says 54% of the calories consumed by UK adults now comes in the form of ultra-processed foods. According to the Nova food groups classification, these Class 4 foods are not modified foods, but formulations made mostly or entirely from substances derived from foods and additives with little or no intact Class 1 foods that we recognise (fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs).

So far removed from real food have we become that shelves and freezers in supermarkets today don’t just stock meat-free meatballs - they are increasingly full of food-free food.

The the origins and production of real food are completely unknown to so many young people. A desire for simple convenience, often combined with avoidance of real food in response to fears about climate change and animal cruelty, risks the health of millions.

No wonder then, we see so much food wasted, when so many have lost all sight of the essential role it plays in nourishing and nurturing us. Food fashion, it seems, has become more important than our own health and well-being, to the extent that real food may now be almost totally excluded from some people's diets.

Produce & Provide is reconnecting people with real food and the farmers who produce it, to ensure that we can still continue to purchase and enjoy food that actually is made from..........well, food.

A return to a diet comprised real of food is key to reducing food waste and enriching all our lives. If you are hooked on cheap, convenient food-free food, you might need be glad to know real food isn't expensive or hard work. Take milk for example. What other single food can hydrate us, build our bones and give us the protein and energy we need to survive and thrive all in one great tasting product? You can buy beautiful, fresh milk direct from farms for as little as £1 a litre. When it comes to value for money - real food purchased direct from farms delivers.

So don't live in a world full of tasteless substitutes for food. Take a look at our online map and discover the joy of all kinds of real food!


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